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UltimateFishScaler Package.

C & J Innovative Products, was started by two brothers with the ultimate goal of producing practical and efficient products for the fishing industry. They have enjoyed fishing all of their lives, but always dreaded the tedious work and mess of scaling the fish.

In order to make fishing even more enjoyable, they designed a practical and portable tool that simplifies and expedites the scaling process without creating a mess. It can be used at your home, boat, dock, campground: anywhere you have 120volt AC or 12volt DC.

With this tool you can effortlessly scale fish in a quarter of the time that it would take using a traditional fish scaler, your catch will be ready to cook in minutes. This amazing tool is called The Ultimate Fish Scaler. Once you try it, you will buy it!  The following are more amazing facts about The Ultimate Fish Scaler:

      ·        Scales fish easily and quickly
      ·        Minimizes the mess
      ·        Portable (Small enough to fit in your tackle box)
      ·        Light weight and very maneuverable
      ·        Soft Rubber handle for a comfortable grip
      ·        Unique blade design for safety will not cut or hurt operator when in use.
      ·        No maintenance required
      ·        Left or right-handed people can use it
      ·        Provided with a clip to hang when not in use
      ·        Clear cover snaps on and off for easy cleaning
      ·        Rust Resistant
      ·        One year warranty!



I tried this unit and it does ease the hassle of scaling fish. It saved me a lot of time. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.
�Frank Izquierdo� Miami, Florida
I saw the fish scaler in a demonstration and I was very impressed with the time and effort that it saves. It is incredible. I liked the product very much.
�John Jewett� Miami, Florida
My wife gave me the ultimate fish scaler for my birthday and I was very skeptical at first. As it turns out, I use it almost every weekend. It saves me a lot of time and is very easy to use. I definitely recommend it.
�Anthony Brown� Orlando, Florida
I was amazed on how The Ultimate Fish Scaler scaled small and large fish so easily. I was very impressed on how this product completely removed the scales with out damaging the skin of the fish.
�Bryan Urbanek� Orlando, Florida
My husband and I go fishing frequently. After seeing a demonstration on the ultimate fish scaler, we bought one. We were sold after seeing that a fish could be scaled in 8 seconds.
�Pamela Schaffer� Key Largo, Florida