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I tried this unit and it does ease the hassle of scaling fish. It saved me a lot of time. I would definitely recommend it to my friends...

�Frank Izquierdo� Miami, Florida

UltimateFishScaler Package.

The fish scaler was designed to make the fish scaling process enjoyable. The unit removes the scales from any size fish with out damaging it’s skin. It can be used with 120volt AC outlet or 12volt DC on your boat, camper etc. This unit will expedite the process of scaling fish with no effort.
The following are more amazing facts about The Ultimate Fish Scaler:

• Scales fish easily and quickly
• Minimizes the mess
• Portable (Small enough to fit in your tackle box)
• Light weight and very maneuverable
• Soft Rubber handle for a comfortable grip
• Unique blade design for safety will not cut or hurt operator when in use.
• No maintenance required
• Left or right-handed people can use it
• Provided with a clip to hang when not in use
• Clear cover snaps on and off for easy cleaning
• Rust Resistant
• One year warranty



Clear cover snaps on and off for easy cleaning
Air vent to keep the unit cool and extend the life of the unit.
Clip provided to hang when not in use.
Specialty head extends out for hard to reach areas.
Rubber grip for comfortable fit.
Clear Cover to minimize the mess
Durable plastic will not rust.
Stainless steel shaft prevents rusting.
Power adapters for easy disconnect plug. (Accessories)






Click here to download pdf file instructions: English   |   Spanish

Here are some quick instructions on
* Make sure that the unit is not connected to the power source!
* Make sure that the clear plastic cover is removed.
* Insert the allen key and turn counter clock wise.
* Insert the specialty head.
* Insert the allen key and turn clock wise.
Turn each screw half a turn at a time.

1. Make sure that the unit is not connected to the power source!
2. Make sure that the specialty head is properly secured. Refer to instructions on
"How To Install Or Replace Specialty Head".
3. Install the clear protective cover.
4. It is very important to make sure that the unit is turned off and that you are working in a dry location.
5. Insert unit to it's power source.
6. Remove the velcro from the bag and wrap the velcro around both cables, this will keep the plug in place when operating the unit.
7. Place the fish on a fish holding board.
8. Familiarize yourself with the unit and it's power switch,
then hold unit firmly and turn it on.
9. Begin scaling at the tail of the fish with the unit's red arrow facing the head of the fish.
Proceed towards the head, putting continuous pressure against the grain of the scales. Do not push down on the fish, the direction of the force should be applied towards the head of the fish.

1. Unplug the fish scaler from it's power source.
2. Remove the clear protective cover.
3. Wash the protective cover with water.
Do not machine wash or scrub with any material.
4. Use a moist cloth to wipe the fish scaler and it's specialty head.
Do not run water on the fish scaler.

To see picture steps, download the pdf files here: English | Spanish




See how easy it is to clean our unit.


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