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I tried this unit and it does ease the hassle of scaling fish. It saved me a lot of time. I would definitely recommend it to my friends...

�Frank Izquierdo� Miami, Florida

UltimateFishScaler Package.

(Q) Can the same unit be used at my home or on the boat?
(A) Yes, with the accessory adapter.

(Q) Will this unit damage the skin of the fish?
(A) No, the unit works very efficiently by removing the scales with out tearing the skin of the fish.

(Q)  Can this unit be used by a left-handed person?
(A) Yes, the unit could be used by a right or left handed person.

(Q)  Will the unit be able to scale large and small fish?
(A) Yes, the unique blade design is made to scale all size fish.

(Q) Will the blade of the unit rust by being used on my salt-water boat.
(A) No, the blade is made of an extremely hard plastic material with a stainless steel shaft.

(Q) Is the product easy to use?
(A) Yes, the fish scaler is very user friendly.